In the late 1970s, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley had recently embarked on building a brand when they decided to photograph one of their first collections on a race track. After seeing a horse named ESCADA getting ready at the stalls, they were so particularly inspired by its energy that they decided to name their company, and its bold aesthetic defined the decades that followed. They then presented their first collection with the name «ESCADA, Casual Elegance». This event laid the foundations for a new business idea, as simple as it was effective: the «democratization» of elite haute couture.

Today ESCADA has been able to reinterpret its brand values, transforming them in a new, updated way: cool Glamor, sensual femininity and modern elegance are the main points of the ESCADA line.

ESCADA is known for knowing how to dress women in a perfect way for any occasion of use. The brand offers a lifestyle concept that ranges from everyday business to those red carpet occasions.