NINETY : La joyería artesanal de lujo

Ninety was born in 2016, as a new start, as a second opportunity, to seize the moment looking for the true value of each detail and make it yours.

Ninety is passion for gemstones, it is an illusion to do something different, to create something different and see it grow.

I am inspired by travel, fashion, decoration or even visiting a museum, looking for each design to be special, exclusive, different and with personality. The base of our pieces is Silver, rhodium or 18k gold or rose plated. Our pieces follow an artisan process with hand-carved stones, starting from the rough stone, which must be cut and carved following the pencil drawing I do for every piece.


At Ninety we also work stingray leather, also known as Galuchat.

Since the 18th century, a master craftsman of the court of Louis XV of France, Jean-Claude de Galuchat, created a technique of tanning and dyeing this leather, manufacturing personal objects for the King and the French high aristocracy.

At Ninety we have mixed the beauty of this wonderful skin using precious gemstones in our designs and adapting them to the current moment. We could say that Ninety was born as a new way of living Haute Jewelry, adapting it to the current trends of today›s woman, always being herself.