It consists of using the best natural plant extracts to create the best in cosmetics.

The search for safety
At Sisley Laboratories, researchers and toxicology experts select ingredients and thoroughly examine all formulations. Clinical safety trials for all Sisley products are conducted in France, conducted by laboratories and also conducted by an independent and
approved evaluation center. A concentrate of efficiency . A permanent monitoring of the latest scientific advances and close collaboration with our research teams allow us to develop highly effective treatment products, conceived from active plant ingredients selected for the complementarity of their effects and combined in just the right measure. Its effectiveness is subsequently verified by our team of experts and dermatologists. Sensory formulas Unctuous, silky, velvety, fresh, light … Sisley products combine pleasure and efficacy, offering a palette of innovative and sensory textures, as well as fresh and delicate fragrances. Each galenic form is a concentrate of experience, innovation and creativity, developed to respond to the needs of any skin type.

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