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Unique Celebration of Spanish-Arab Fashion and Culture at the Real Casino de Madrid

In a dazzling evening that seamlessly blended the elegance of fashion with the cultural richness of Spain and the Arab world, the Real Casino de Madrid played host to an exceptional tea ceremony. In the distinguished presence of His Excellency Don Francisco de Borbón, Duke of Seville, and Her Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Karima Benyaich, a unique event unfolded, marking the convergence of Spanish and Moroccan cultures.


Organized by Ms Soumaya Akbib Betta the president of the ACWB FOUNDATION (Art & Culture Without Borders) in collaboration with the iconic Real Casino of Madrid, the ceremony paid homage to the fusion of fashion and cultural heritage from Spain and the Moroccan world.

The evening was enriched by the presence of the talented designer Siham Al Habti, who presented the Moroccan caftan, a masterpiece capturing the elegance and tradition of Morocco with a contemporary touch. Her Excellency the Ambassador of Morocco, Karima Benyaich, delivered a heartfelt tribute to Siham Al Habti for her professional excellence, recognizing her outstanding contribution to fashion and strengthening cultural ties between Spain and Morocco.

Soumaya Akbib Betta the president of the ACWB FOUNDATION, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco Ms Karima Benyarch and SIHAM Elhabti designer
Margot Puente and businesswoman Al Anoud Alhomali
Soumaya Akbib Betta the president of the ACWB FOUNDATION, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco Ms Karima Benyarch and SIHAM Elhabti designer

Furthermore, attendees were transported to the depths of history and spirituality of North Africa with a captivating Gnawa music performance.

Among the highlights, Malaga-based flamenco fashion specialist Lourdes Paz and renowned soprano Raquel del Pino contributed with their art and talent, offering unforgettable moments of fashion and classical music.

A special guest from Saudi Arabia, Al Anoud Alhomali, an extraordinary entrepreneur, took the center stage, and her achievements and successes were highlighted through a moving video. The night concluded with the presentation of a well-deserved award to this distinguished guest, Mrs. Margot Puente.

Additionally, special mention was made of the Marrakech Clinic, situated in the heart of the «Red City» of Morocco, seamlessly blending cultural heritage with a wellness-focused approach. The fortunate winner will enjoy a stay in a luxurious hotel in Marrakech, immersing themselves in history, delightful gastronomy, and Moroccan hospitality.


In summary, the evening was a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity and elegance uniting Spain and the Arab world. A night that will be etched in the memories of all present, reaffirming the importance of collaboration and cultural exchange on the international stage.

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