Baggy was born from the idea of creating something different, the project begins when three friends come together having a very clear business idea, first of all: bags, but what kind of bags? It is a very large market with a great deal of competition. Well, the initial idea would be something simple, that is, give a personalized and personal touch to each of the bags. A loop here, a chain there, so with the surprise factor and little by little we would create that need to know what the next one will wear. The base was created, from there, it was necessary to create a special packaging, where the moment the client received her bag, she had the feeling that she was receiving a gift … so the boxes are engraved by hand, and with products 100% recyclable, from Spanish paper and cardboard factories. But this is not all, Baggy has a more special touch as it plays with the senses: the bag will be wrapped in tissue paper and perfumed, thus transmitting not only a different accessory, but also a special smell, as well as chocolate to sweeten the arrival of our long- awaited jewel