Dania Almouine’s fascination with magnificent jewelry began after receiving her bachelor’s degree from dental technician department in 1991. Having been raised in Aleppo’s rich environment its and oriental culture, Almouine was inspired to translate her culture into wearable art. Her couture jewellery designs include a striking blend of silver and 24k gold, decorated with precious gemstones and unified Arabic letter inlays.

Afterward Almouine Decided to mix her creative works with an academic knowledge by attending Gemology and Jewelry design in HRD Antwerp. Our Story Expanding Locally 2006 Having gained a lot of attention in Aleppo, Almouine decided to expand in Syria.
She opened up one more branch at the Heritage Hotel, Beit Zaman in Damascus. Expanding Globally 2015 Having conquered the Syrian and Lebanese markets,Almouine decided to go global, and she relocated in the center of Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Almouine’s Hometown 1994 Almouine setup her flagship store in Khan Elshune in the heart of the old city in Aleppo, Syria. Going international 2011 With years of massive success in Syria, Almouine goes international by presenting her couture jewelry in Purrl Gallery and Orient499 in Beirut, Lebanon. An art addict who softly converts her feeling into imaginative jewelry. Almouine explains that she “designs for the woman on the go who wants to be comfortable, exotic yet modern, fashionable yet processing her own sense of style. Our couture jewelry is designed to be worn from day to night with exclusive, sophisticated women.

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